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Country pop ballad: Take on You / Take on Me (All I Need is Your Kiss, feat. Olya)

A country-pop ballad about an alpha male rodeo cowboy who had been a hard-working, hard living and hard drinking, street-fighting man all of his roughshod run days.

He never honestly thought there was a damn thing wrong with his somewhat twisted behaviour all of his life, until one day when he was much older and attending a family gathering to celebrate his wedding anniversary when he suddenly took a long hard look at his long-suffering wife and finally realized that just maybe, just perhaps,

he’d been a little too bad and mean-minded and a little wrong with his behaviour towards his childhood sweetheart who had also been his Angel of a wife for over forty-nine years.

Take on You- Take on Me (All I Need is Your Kiss)
Take on You- Take on Me (All I Need is Your Kiss) Country pop ballad.

Featuring Olha Lishchyshyn.

Olha is from Lviv, Ukraine. She is 31 years of age and she has been singing since childhood.

You can contact Olha for any singing you would like by clicking on Olya above or the green circle below:


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