* Children’s English language books for ages 3 and above.

Let’s Talk Food.

“The Steak with the shake. The peas and the greens, and the fries with eyes…!”

Stinkerbell, the farting fairy and the toybox toys!

“This is the story of Tink. Who creates an awful stink!”

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The Alphabet Zoo.

“Come and meet the gang! There’s everyone from Alan the Ant to Zak the Zebra inside!”

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Raymond’s Rainbow. 

“Raymond’s going out today, with his dad to fly away. Over to the shopping mall. To get some food for one and all.”

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Ace has an Accident!

“Ace is wondering again and looking all around. He’s a puppy dog with big long ears and a wide and happy frown.”

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A Christmas Tree Christmas!

“This is the story of a strong and sturdy tree. His name is Spike to you and me!”

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Spiderama. Magnus and Molly and the Floating Chairs.

“Ooh, what’s happened to the chairs. How can I get them down before the wizard comes back? I’d better go and find Magnus. Magnus, is that you?”

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A Birds Tail!  

Tizzy and Wizzy are twin baby Oystercatchers who live on sunside beach in the highland of Scotland.”

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Windy and Wendy get bendy and fly!

“This book will teach your children all about the transformation of caterpillars into butterflies.
The book includes interesting facts and figures as well as quotes and jokes…”

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Zak and Zara and the Invisibility Ball.

“What’s that Zak…? It does what…? Let’s go up to play then… Wow… amazing…!”

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