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Time Travel Twins featuring Leonardo Da Vinci & Johnny Depp

The Return Of James Maxwell's Equations featuring Leonardo Da Vinci and Johnny Depp

The Time Travel Twins Fetauring Johnny Depp
Editions:Kindle - First Edition: £ 0.99
ISBN: B073G96NQ7
Pages: 216
Paperback (Abkhazian) - First Edition: £ 7.05 GBP
ISBN: 978-1548446611
Pages: 316
ePub - First Edition: £ 0.59
ISBN: 9781386455677

Time Travel Twins


Eleven-year-old twins, Amy and Fin haven’t the first idea about their special genealogy and powers.

They only know about the weird dreams...

After Grandad Joseph’s accident, the twins are called on to command their capabilities,

faster than yesterday, and sooner than tomorrow...

After all, Joseph’s held the family unipath mantle far too long.

It’s time to be handed down to the children.

Come and enjoy Amy and Fin’s snap-shot introduction to the world of time travel on their first cool adventure, through the Human Interstellar Portal, featuring the wonderful Leonardo Da Vinci as himself, and the even more wonderful Johnny Depp, as Jack Sparrow, and himself.

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