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Brick Lane East-End Pub-Share. Featuring Keira Knightley.

A Sense of Belonging

Editions:Paperback: £ 7.50
ISBN: 978-1522789048
Size: 12.70 x 20.30 cm
Pages: 334
Kindle: £ 1.99
Pages: 335

Brick Lane
Brick Lane

Brick LaneYouTube

Brick Lane East-end pub-share... will make you laugh, cry, and cower at the same time.

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WARNING: Could contain echoes and ripples of yourself...?
"Ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight...?
Oops, sorry... that was Batman...
Hmm..Ok then,

Ever DONE communal living or shared a house or flat then...?

Right, so...
• Q: What do you get if you have eight people and a dog living above a derelict pub and a womanizing, chain-smoking property landlord that doesn’t give a flying...fig..?
• A: Absolute mayhem!
Everyday life is at its worst and best.
After leaving college and university, our interesting tribe never imagined they’d be living with more complete strangers either...?
Let alone become an eight-strong, extended alternative family...
Take a behind-the-scenes peep and sideways glance into the funtastic world of honest and working-class, communal-life in London’s vibrant and colorful east end.
A story of nurturing friendships, loyalties, and bonding. With sprinkles of love, sex, bitching & battling, and all that other distinctly more serious stuff...
Ritchie, Monica, Dan, Scarlett, Eve, Safeer, Matt and Diane, and Rufus (woof)
Quirks and imperfections... Moods and emotions... Realities and dramas...Hopes and fears...
A story tinged with all the characteristics that make us human, and that bring our flat-mates together as one.
A melancholy and heartwarming mission of sharing & domestication.
Crazy and fun communal living in the Brexit melting pot of the east end of London.


Chapter one: Flat fury & Ethan Hawke

  “If the truth be told, I don’t think you’re working out here anymore,” Dan announced pulling his designer glasses off his nose and chewing on the tip.

“I know I don’t. I do five sit up every day. That don’t sound like much, but there’s only so many times I can hit the snooze button, before I have to concede. But it keeps my dreams alive,” Ritchie joked to Dan’s unmoved expression. “Oh, what’s on your mind now? Come on, come sit on daddy’s knee and tell him everything,” he asked patting on his leg. “Is it you and me baby-doll? Come here and let me give you a huddle and a cuddle,” he teased blowing him a kiss.


“No... it’s you living here you fat imbecile, and don’t you dare take the piss out of me,” Dan cursed with his middle-class London lisp. Pacing behind the couch and running his fingers through his short black hair and flicking his nose in the air.

“Oh, is that right dip-shit...? Not good enough for you am I, you posh twerp...? You come out with these amazing ideas faster than a woman can buy shoes. I think you need to start playing to your strengths, and keep your mouth shut. When did you think you even became my landlord anyway? You gay Einstein,” Ritchie replied turning his head to his accuser and giving him a frown that could putrefy him. He changed the serious expression to a beaming smile at will. To further annoy and confuse his flat-mate.

“Yes, I’m right and you’re wrong and turn the fat fog-horn down too,” he said pointing at his mouth. “Have some respect and consideration for your fellow man. Scarlett’s been working all night,” he snapped. “That’s another thing you know nothing about either, work! As I’ve pointed out, you don’t fit in around here now,” he repeated, seething and leaning on the couch behind Ritchie.  “You’re F.A.S and should leave A.S.A.P,” he added looking down his nose at Ritchie as he tensed his arms on white leather sofa. He flexed his skinny legs to his tip-toes, thinking hard what to say next. Like an exercising ballerina behind his target’s head.

Reviews:Mrs. Ann G. Munro on Amazon wrote:

A 10/10 for this author.
Really enjoyed this book kept my interest the whole way through. Exciting story a must to read, great writing skills in this book. Another great book from the author.

Amazon customer on Amazon wrote:

Powerful & very interesting story.
What a beautiful story, once i started i didn't want to take a break or do anything else. Very addictive and a must read. Totally loved it. thanks for such a beautiful book, and i must say i loved the book cover too. Keep the great work going 🙂

Rudi Hernandez on Amazon wrote:

Good read.
Enjoyable and believable mix of characters, could easily be turned into a TV drama series. Rattled through it to see how it ends.

Angela Richards Turner on Amazon wrote:

Fun characters and a sweet story.
Funny and heartwarming.

Boyko Ovcharov on Goodreads wrote:

Boyko Ovcharov
Rating: it was amazing
Oct 05, 2016

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