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Celebrate (The NHS Song)

Celebrate (The NHS Song)

Celebrate (The NHS Song)

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Written and put together in support and celebration of all the amazing, hard and continuing work of the United Kingdom’s NHS and the World’s Health Services and organisations throughout the covid pandemic/crisis.
The song is based on the song ‘Yesterday’ which was written by Sir Paul McCartney.
The ultimate aim is to get Sir Paul to record this for charity.
So please SHARE as much as you can, and it might come to his attention?


“Celebrate, all your courage and your fearlessness.
You never hide away from our distress.
You always strive in everything.”
“Dignity, digging deeper reaching all the need.
Always giving more than we can see.
A credit to our country.”
“How you, lift us up.
We’re so thankful we should pray.
You are, stronger than strong.
Something good to celebrate.”
“Celebrate, you are so much more than wonderment.
Heaven sent you as our guardians.
For all you do, we celebrate.”
“Heroes who carry on.
Through the storm and through the pain.
Troops who sing their song.
Never asking who’s to blame.”
Celebrate, you will always
be forever blessed.
All your grace is our thankfulness.
Let’s celebrate our NHS.
Celebrate our health service.

Written by Stephen Hamill 2020.

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